Day after Memorial Day Headcold

This weekend was huge, I mean HUGE!  Lots of wonderful things really.  My Hubbs and I took last Friday off to help his son, my step-son get married.  We assisted getting tables set, decorations in place and, I am proud to say, I now know how to cover a folding chair in tule! It was really fabulous, the bride had an amazing wedding coordinator who knew how to take charge and get things done. image
The dynamic duo!

When we got home on Saturday night, got unpacked a little and settled in for some Game of Thrones, we are just finishing season 1. Sunday was super busy. My sweet Hubbs took me to the jean outlet store in downtown LA, then to King Taco, DTLA is an adventure! Then to see his friend in the hospital then took me to see The Great Gatsby. Loved the cinematography, it was mesmerizing. I started feeling a little off on Monday. I woke up with a sore throat, but having allergies I didn’t worry about it. After de cat hairing the couch and house we took the Harley South, had lunch and came home. Wasn’t too well, so I took today off. It’s funny when I have a day off when sick, I only want to watch Food TV and eat cold cereal. But one thing popped into my head is, since I’m home, why not try to learn something new? I am a person who puts second jobs and housework before everything I do because it’s productive and needs to get done. Which is true but not totally important. So today I am exploring the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I need way more creative outlets and this is a start, between sneezing and blowing the nose! So, off to my book and keep writing on this blog because a life without creativity is just busy.