Happy Friday!

The weather is beginning to turn cool here.  It’s still in the high 70’s and low 80’s during the day, but getting into the low 60″s at night.  Besides meaning your car is covered in dew if you leave it out in the evening and needing to bring a jacket everywhere as all establishments have the A/C on full blast, Halloween is coming!  I have been browsing domino.com for sophisticated Halloween decor ideas.  I have found some great, low cost specimens that I am going to try out.  So, off to Target I go.  Hopefully, at this late date I can find some items.


Bats and Caverns

This Saturday marked a very important day for me and my Hubbs, the first day of summer! I love summer and the sunny and hot days, hours at the pool, beach bonfires, popcicles, and barbeques in the backyard. The times I love most are vacations. Going to locations exotic and local are some of my favorite things. This year my Hubbs chose to go to the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, where stalactites and stalagmites rule the landscape and bats fly overhead. He also wanted to do a trip via motorcycle, and this destination was fairly close but far enough away to help us have a real vaca.

We are here now, we climbed down the cave for 3 and a half miles, staring in amazement at what Mother Nature can do over 250 million years. It’s bat birthing season and my Hubbs loves him some bats! So we spent two nights waiting for the creature to make an appearance at dusk for their nightly flight. The first night however only produced about a hundred of the Mexican Freetail Bats. Not too exciting, we were exhausted and tired from our 400 mile trip through from Las Cruces and my Hubbs wanted to see billions of bats. Next day we traveled to the insides of the Cavern, beautiful and majestic, nature creating spooky and beautiful scenes.

After the Cavern hike, we decided to head back to the hotel to relax before the next nightly flight of bats. We returned to the amphitheater to hopefully see something, but our hopes weren’t up. Fortunately, this night proved fortuitous! We saw thousands of the little, flying mammals! We were so excited! Finally, we hit pay dirt, or bat guano. We had to quickly club back on the bike and head back. We could see a huge lightning storm and we’re not looking forward to riding in the rain. Bad idea for motorcycles. We got back and not a drop of rain was to be had!

My Hubbs in his element!

My Hubbs in his element!

My Hubbs loves caves!

My Hubbs loves caves!

Tonight we were standing in front of our hotel and saw some of the bats flying above our heads! So fun to see them in action! It’s been an amazing day of nature and closeness that I can truly appreciate!

Day after Memorial Day Headcold

This weekend was huge, I mean HUGE!  Lots of wonderful things really.  My Hubbs and I took last Friday off to help his son, my step-son get married.  We assisted getting tables set, decorations in place and, I am proud to say, I now know how to cover a folding chair in tule! It was really fabulous, the bride had an amazing wedding coordinator who knew how to take charge and get things done. image
The dynamic duo!

When we got home on Saturday night, got unpacked a little and settled in for some Game of Thrones, we are just finishing season 1. Sunday was super busy. My sweet Hubbs took me to the jean outlet store in downtown LA, then to King Taco, DTLA is an adventure! Then to see his friend in the hospital then took me to see The Great Gatsby. Loved the cinematography, it was mesmerizing. I started feeling a little off on Monday. I woke up with a sore throat, but having allergies I didn’t worry about it. After de cat hairing the couch and house we took the Harley South, had lunch and came home. Wasn’t too well, so I took today off. It’s funny when I have a day off when sick, I only want to watch Food TV and eat cold cereal. But one thing popped into my head is, since I’m home, why not try to learn something new? I am a person who puts second jobs and housework before everything I do because it’s productive and needs to get done. Which is true but not totally important. So today I am exploring the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I need way more creative outlets and this is a start, between sneezing and blowing the nose! So, off to my book and keep writing on this blog because a life without creativity is just busy.

New Year’s Good Luck Black Eyed Peas

New Year's Good Luck Black Eyed Peas

I woke up this morning intending to write, so far I promised my Mom I would be at her place in an hour, cleaned up more Christmas remnants, watered plants and watched some of Paula Deen on TV, and talked to my Hubbs on the phone about gas prices and where to get the best gas. Totally avoiding writing about things.

I had an awesome holiday season! I took 11 days off from work, I had never done that before. Always worked during the holiday season because I do not have kids and always thought, “why take off and use the vaca time when it’s super quiet and so easy to work?” So I took the time off because I have too much vaca time anyway and was asked to take vaca hours. I am doing this next year!! It was great, did not know how great it is taking the time off to just decompress! And I cooked and baked. A lot!!

I made chocolate truffle cookies, white chocolate dipped biscotti, a huge Prime Rib dinner for Christmas, and something new, Black Eyed Peas for New Year’s breakfast. I posted a pic of the Black Eyed Peas with sausage. It was really really good. And supposed to be good luck, at least in the southern states, so wanted to create good karma in the New Year and did it.

I was at the Natural Foods Store when I got the idea to make this dish. I just picked up a package of black eyed peas, soaked them overnight (they always need soaking). Went to a friends home for New Years and played Yahtzee all night while the beans soaked. Found out Yahtzee is really fun and so is Taboo. I am a sucker for board games. I could play them all night. On New Years Day I made the peas with regular breakfast sausage as I was not going out to the store for a ham hock and they don’t sell meat products at the Natural Foods Store. It turned out super good! I made eggs over easy and corn bread to go with the dish. If this tasty goodness doesn’t bring us luck I don’t know what will. Other than keeping a positive attitude, and not getting mad at traffic that is. Have a horrible habit of letting myself get mad at stupid things.

This New Year is off to a pleasantly awesome start!!

Reading Material

Reading Material

I really have a small reading list, I just have to do it. I have to get through a couple of books on sales for my job. Then, I have Ramit Sethi’s I will Teach You to be Rich I need to finish. I know all of it will be good for me, I have been extremely lazy the past week! I think my brain needed some time off.